7 Benefits of – On Page SEO and 3 Ways to Clean Code Your Site

There are benefits to creating a website that has internal clean markup code and effective on page SEO. Read the 3 ways to code your site and 7 ways to do proper on page SEO for your company website.

Proper Search engine optimization can increase a websites visibility in search engines. On page SEO is supremely effective. Both on page SEO and a clean coded web design has an effect on google ranks. A website must be tagged to its best relevance and the code should be as simplified and thin as possible. There are millions of websites out there that a google search robot must rank. With this explained, it is best to be as unique as possible on your web page. Read below some great on page SEO tips and clean coding web designs.
3 Ways to Clean Code 
1-Gray and White Boxes. Before it all starts, a web developer should start off by designing in gray and white. This removes the work of a web developer gathering all the content and images before designing the site. The web developer can design the site with plain shapes and then at the end, the developer may place the info ( content and photos) in the gray and white blanks. By starting off in gray and white boxes, the developer can design endlessly and test out the layout to verify that it is the best design possible.
2-Custom Div Tags. Customizing div classes will allow the web developer to go back at any time to the script and make any quick fixes,but also provide the script inside to be very custom to the domain itself. 
3-Reduction of CSS Script. When writing up a CSS file, a web designer must always find alternate ways to minimize the code as much as possible. At times, there may be two contrasting elements on an index.php page that will need to execute the same color on the CSS file. The wrong way of doing this is by adding 2 lines and 2 commands to execute the same color. The correct way of doing this would be adding 2 elements in one line, divided by a comma, and 1 command executed for the color to be applied to both. This is an example that shows how to minify the CSS script. 
Compressing your files: An easy way to minify a CSS script even more is to compress the entire file. By doing this, a CSS script will be even lighter and cleaner than it was before. 
Seven Ways to do On Page SEO
1-The Meta Tags. Meta tags notify search engines of what the title,description,and related keywords of a website may be. An essential meta tag line (aside from the title,description,keywords) is the robots tag. The robots tag notifies robots to index a page, follow a page, or not.
Four Robot Tags:
2-The ALT Tags ( Image Attribution). When adding photos to a website, customizing the photos by telling crawlers what they are about will increase custom on page SEO. Provide ALT tags to describe every photo on a web page.
Example: <img src=“button.png” alt=“Number 1 Cart Button”>
3-The Anchor Tags. Custom anchor up to 3 links on your web page.
4-The H Tags. The H1 Tag should be your title tag, while the H2 tags should be your subtitle tag.
5-Opened/Closed Elements. Make sure that all elements on a web page ( example:<div>) have complete opening and closing statements. 
6-Sitemap/RSS Upload. After uploading the entire website to the directory, it is then time to create a site map and an RSS file. After creating the RSS/Sitemap files, you may upload them to the server. 
7-Social Media Button Shares.Add your top most used social media button icons on your web page. This will allow website visitors to notice your social media accounts and increase your social following fan base! 
On page SEO leads to better and clean coding combined will result in higher visibility and an overall better web design in terms of performance.
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