Rebuilding Water Falls in China

Welcome to Webuildwaterfalls all new Blog about everything Water Features, Water Gardens, Ponds, Koi Ponds and so much more….We had barely been in China 2 weeks visiting a friends Factory  in Dongguang China in 2015 when word got out to his neighbours at SLR Eyewear and we were approached to Re construct this Water Feature and Koi Pond!

Like most Ponds and Water Features, Water Gardens and Waterfalls that are man made in China, this thing was a mess!

The Water Feature was repositioned and placed on a Ceramic Tiled Wall that separates their Corporate Meeting Room/Showroom Window from the Parking lot.

The Pond was completely rebuilt from the ground up, the stone and mountains removed and rebuilt with our waterproof mortar, New filter and pump, piping and more! In total it was a 1 1/2 Man – 2 Month Project!

I will be heading back there a little later this year to do a few more updates and will post it all then.

You can view a Video of the completed project on Youtube

outdoor water feature
Outdoor Water Feature for SLR Eyewear in Dongguang China 2015

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